Saravanan Ganesh
I explore the web, and build some of it.
University of Southern California Master of Science (M.S.), Computer Science - May 2014
USC Information Sciences Institute Directed Research, Machine Learning - May 2013
Amrita School of Engineering Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech), Computer Science - May 2012
Languages – JavaScript (***) – Java (**) – HTML5 (***) – CSS (***) – C++ (*) – Python (*)
Frameworks – AngularJS (***) – React (*) – Node.js (**) – Spring (**) – Rails (*) – Git (***) – Jasmine (**)
Expertise – Advanced (***) – Intermediate (**) – Beginner (*)
Interests – User Experience — Front End Latency — Developer Tooling — Test Automation
Software Engineer Full Stack at Ensighten Summer 2014 - Current
- Developed user facing components and simple workflows for technically complex mobile analytics setups.
- Contributed, and owned the client side code repository mainly written in JS, HTML, CSS and AngularJS.
- Championed unit / e2e / CSS testing, linting, Git flow, code reviews and more best practices across the company.
User Experience Intern at Ontopic Spring 2014
- Enhanced the alpha version of the product to be responsive, touch and keyboard friendly.
- Built a simple crawler that uses Twitter API and seed profiles to build a tweets data dump for analysis.
Summer Intern at Walmart Information Systems Division Summer 2013
- Reported risks and drove decisions to deploy public mobile apps, on the internal app store for BYOD devices.
Natural Language to JavaScript Regex at Ensighten’s Internal Hackathon (awarded Best Hack)
- Built a client-side app in 3 days that suggests and converts natural language into JS regex.
- Used a Context Free Grammar, Deterministic Finite Automata and the Shunting Yard Algorithm.
- Awarded the best hack prize among 7 other hacks at Xsighten 1.1 (Ensighten’s Internal Hack fest)
Dev Tools Dependent-Element Detector at USC Web Analysis Course
- Built a firebug extension that crawls the DOM to detect elements positionally dependent on a seed element.
- Aided pixel perfect web design by allowing tweaking of CSS box model attributes of dependent elements.
Color Segmentation using a Multi-Layer Decision Tree Classification for Sophisticated Color Values
- Developed an image processing research system that cycles WEKA machine learning algorithms for experimentation.
- Reduced time to experiment with supporting modules for image disintegration, rebuilding, and reporting.
Client Side HTML5 Jukebox at Google CodeforIndia Hackathon (awarded Most Usable Hack)
- Built a jukebox in 20 hours using HTML5 Web Audio API and the SoundCloud API that plays and saves music.
- Enhanced user engagement with archival Indian classic music with real time interlay of western beats.
- Awarded most usable prize among 50 other hacks.
Technology Lead at USC Association of Indian Students Club
- Led, and deployed the redesign of the website at USC, resolving several operational bottlenecks.
- Built a matching algorithm that optimized host matching duration from several minutes to a few seconds.
Crowd Sourced Manifesto Tracker at Stanford Code for Good Initiative
- Developed a Facebook API based admin-volunteer-public login system, and polished the UX.
- Deployed and maintained the project on Heroku and AWS for the Delhi Government + Stanford initiative.
Open Source
- Participated in HacktoberFest 2015, and contributed JS code and documentation to four open source projects.
- Made bug fixes and enhancements occasionally on Front End tooling projects via Github.
Code for Good
- Hacked on two projects for Code for India, solving problems suggested by NGOs.
- Maintained a project out of Stanford's CS90SI (CS + Social Good) in collaboration with the Government of Delhi, India.
Technical Leadership
- Served as Director of Technology for Association of Indian Students at USC. Redesigned, and deployed the website.
- Introduced membership cards with a compatible check-in Android app, and other enhancements to ease operations. | +1 (213) 280-6177 | 132 W. Dana St. Apt C Mountain View CA 94041